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Silverion 2400


SILVÉRION is our patented antimicrobial formulation for use as a raw material in the manufacturing of personal care products. It can be used as either an active ingredient or a preservative without the need for parabens, formaldehyde, halogens or quats. SILVÉRION is a colorless, odorless and stable solution that provides ionic silver in a water-soluble form. It provides fast acting efficacy at low concentrations against a broad-spectrum of bacteria, viruses, yeast and molds. 

  • A proven fast-acting and effective deodorant ingredient, SILVÉRION 2400 exhibits strong odor-neutralizing capabilities against Corynebacteria while reducing pathogen bacteria on surface skin.   
  • As a stand-alone and combined-action preservative, SILVÉRION 2400 has proven effective in many cosmetic formulations, eliminating the need for harsh parabens and sulfites. 
  • Combined with most antimicrobials, SILVÉRION 2400 allows formulators to reduce the need for concentrations of a variety of harsh chemicals such as Benzoic acid, Phenoxyethanol, and Triclosan.
  • Other formulations where SILVÉRION 2400 is a useful and effective antimicrobial additive are antibacterial liquid hand soap, antiseptic hand cream, and hair care.Protectedbysdc

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