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Revolutionizing Food Service Safety

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Proper cleaning and sanitizing in food service operation is critical. Whether you are operating a full service restaurant or a quick service operation, food quality and safety is a top priority.  PURE’s SDC-based products provide effective, easy to use solutions that meet your cleaning and sanitizing standards and allow you to focus your efforts on serving your customers and offering an improved customer experience.

The PURE GENIUS of PURE Bioscience Solutions at Work in Food Service

PURE® Hard Surface has demonstrated dramatic improvement in sanitation compared to traditional quaternary ammonia base sanitizers in a variety of food service operations.  In store testing of PURE Hard Surface on critical food contact areas resulted in an impressive 96% improvement in efficacy - leading to a significant reduction in food safety risk. Employees consistently expressed preference for PURE Hard Surface attributes including ease of use, odorless and no skin irritation.  

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