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FoodprocEffective food safety procedures and food product quality are essential attributes for total brand protection.  At PURE Bioscience, we offer specialized industry solutions that can effectively reduce food processing risks while optimizing operational efficiency.  Additionally, our friendly SDC-based products ensure powerful performance with minimal environmental impact.

By partnering with our customers, PURE offers customizable implementation plans to support your company’s contamination prevention program. 

The PURE GENIUS of PURE Bioscience Solutions at Work in Food Processing

Facility & Equipment Solutions
An IL-based private label, specialty food manufacturer was closed in July 2014 after two separate Listeria contamination events drove product recalls. PURE Hard Surface and PURE Hi-Foam and Multi-Purpose Cleaner were featured in an FDA-approved decontamination and Listeria eradication plan. After treatment of the plant, packaging equipment and environment, the FDA released both the equipment and plant for the manufacturing of FDA regulated product. Click here to read more. 

Dramatic Efficacy in Leafy Green Processing
A pretreatment wash combining PURE Biosciences’ SDC technology-based PURE Control and SmartWash Solutions chemistry has been found to  “boost” established lethality of the free chlorine wash process and increase E. coli die-off by more than 0.7 log*.

 A recent study presented by the USDA-ARS has shown the SmartWash Boost™ product, a patent-pending process used to pretreat iceberg and romaine lettuces prior to washing, can be found to dramatically reduce the risk of illness outbreaks from these leafy greens when coupled with industry food safety best practices.

*Log reduction is a mathematical term used to show the relative number of live microbes eliminated from a surface by disinfecting or cleaning. A 2-Log reduction can be best illustrated as having two zeros, meaning the number of germs is 100 times smaller. 


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